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Pacifica Scholarship

2012-2013 Scholarship Application Instructions -- applications now available.

Application materials must be completed and returned with supporting documentation to the Financial Aid Office by the deadlines listed below. Late and/or incomplete applications will not be considered.


Newly accepted students – Fall 2012: deadline August 1, 2012
Returning students: deadline June 15, 2012

Applications are available for download -- 2012-13 Pacifica Scholarship Application

To qualify you must complete the following by the deadlines listed above:

 studentsNew applicants must be accepted to an eligible program at Pacifica by August 1 and
Continuing students must be enrolled full-time in coursework (6 units) at Pacifica. Students enrolled in the thesis or dissertation phase of their program are not eligible for consideration.
All applicants must submit a brief essay with your application. Be sure to convey in your essay:
    1. any extenuating financial circumstances that you feel should be considered;
    2. express your goals and your plans for the future;
    3. how the scholarship monies will help you realize your goals.
Complete the 2012-13 FAFSA form ( Results must be on file in the Pacifica Financial Aid Office by deadlines listed above.
International Students must, instead of the FAFSA, complete the International Scholarship Addendum (page 2 of application) according to deadlines listed above.
Scholarship recipients will be notified by the end of August.

Scholarships will be applied toward tuition in equal installments over the fall, winter, spring and summer quarters for which you are enrolled in full‐time coursework (6 units).

Please complete the Scholarship Application as instructed - Return completed application materials to the Financial Aid Office by required deadlines.

  Scholarship eligibility is based on high financial need and outstanding academic merit.  
Financial need will be determined by:
  •your FAFSA results and
  •residential/non-residential status
Academic merit
Must be enrolled full-time each quarter (minimum of six units/quarter). If you drop below six units the scholarship will be void for that quarter.

Returning Students -- Board of Trustee Scholarships may be renewed while enrolled in coursework as long as you:
Submit a Scholarship Renewal Request form
Complete your annual FAFSA application by June 15th 
Maintain full-time enrollment (minimum of six units/quarter) – if you drop below full-time status your scholarship will be canceled for that quarter 
Maintain a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 - if your cumulative GPA falls below 3.5 your scholarship will be canceled. If you wish to reinstate your scholarship, once your cumulative GPA increases to the required 3.5 you must submit a written request for reinstatement to the Financial Aid Office. 
Other Pacifica Scholarships are not renewable - you must reapply each year to be considered.

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