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Emphasis in Jungian and Archetypal Studies

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M.A./Ph.D. Depth Psychology Jungian & Archetypal Studies

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Students enrolling in the Jungian and Archetypal emphasis of the Depth program for a fall start date will attend all residential sessions at the Ladera Lane campus in Santa Barbara, Ca. For students enrolling for a spring start date, residential sessions will be split between Santa Barbara and New York city.

When students begin their studies at Pacifica Graduate Institute, they join a cohort of like-minded students who are also enrolling in that particular degree program. The majority of students remain with the same cohort throughout their academic journey. A very real sense of community is soon established as students collaborate within their cohorts and share the intense experiences that are part of graduate-level work at Pacifica. Close personal and professional bonds are formed, often lasting long after studies are completed and extending into graduates' new careers.

Pacifica Graduate Institute Online
This degree program takes advantage of online technology which allows students to work and learn in their home environments in conjunction with residential sessions on the tranquil Ladera Lane Pacifica campus. Classes begin online and meet during four-day residential sessions (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday) once a quarter. During these on-campus sessions, students have access to the Institute's extensive resources and are able to engage with their classmates and instructors in face-to-face learning, combining lecture, discussion, and experiential and embodied learning. Residential sessions also allow time for community-building through shared meals, social events, film screenings, guest lectures, and circle councils. 

What is Hybrid Learning? 6:23
In this video, Chair of Hybrid programs Dr. Jennifer Selig, gives a tour of the student online learning model at Pacifica Graduate Institute. She showcases the many tools faculty use to enhance the online experience.


Introduction to Depth Psychology—DJA 700, 3 Units
Jungian Psychology: The Individuation Journey—DJA 720, 3 units


C. G.  Jung in Context—DJA 710, 3 units
Foundations for Research in Depth Psychology—DJA 900, 3 units


Our Soul's Code: Depth Psychological Views of Vocation—DJA 910, 3 units Archetypes: Universal Patterns of the Psyche—DJA 800, 3 units


Mythopoetic Imagination: Viewing Film, Art, and Literature From a Jungian Perspective—DJA 805, 2 units
Reflective Studies I—DJA 920, 2 units





Imaginal Ways of Knowing: Active Imagination, The Red Book and Psychic Creativity—DJA 820, 3 units
Depth Psychology and the Mythic Tradition—DJA 815, 3 units


Archetypal Psychology—DJA 730, 3 units
Dreamwork: Tending the Living Images—DJA 825, 3 units


Complexes: Jung's "Royal Road" to the Unconscious—DJA 810, 2 units
The Psychoanalytic Tradition: The Ongoing Conversation—DJA 740, 3 units


Psychological Types—DJA 835, 2 units
Reflective Studies II—DJA 930, 2 units





Psyche and Eros: The Psychology and Mythology of Relationships—DJA 840, 3 units
Somatic Studies: The Psyche-Soma Connection—DJA 845, 3 units


Ecopsychology: The Psyche in Nature—DJA 860, 2 units
Depth Psychology and the Sacred: Approaching the Numinous—DJA 850, 3 units


Synchronicity and the New Sciences—DJA 855, 3 units
Dissertation Development—DJA 950, 3 units


The Alchemy of Transformation—DJA 865, 2 units
Reflective Studies III—DJA 940, 2 units


Self-Directed Studies—DJA 970, 3 units
Dissertation Writing—DJA 960, 15 units

   This curriculum may vary depending upon changing academic needs. 
   The required fourth and fifth years of study focus on reading, research, and dissertation writing.