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Pacifica Graduate Institute's M.A./Ph.D. Program in Depth Psychology is developing a 21st century depth psychology which extends beyond the consulting room into working with the individual, community, cultural, and ecological issues of our time. While exploring the traditions and frontiers of depth psychology, students are mentored in engagement with its imaginal, community, and research practices. 

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The members of Pacifica's Depth Psychology faculty bring a passion for education and a wealth of real-world experience into the classroom. As leaders in the fields of depth psychology, the humanities, and mythological studies, the members of the Depth faculty include authors of international acclaim, renowned lecturers, practicing psychologists, active psychotherapists, reigistered nurses, theologians, and philosophers. They all share a passion for education and are dedicated to working with adult learners.


Practices arising from depth psychology—such as dreamwork, active imagination, council, community based arts—are used both in the classroom and in a wide variety of community settings. Hermeneutic, phenomenological, participatory, feminist, and action approaches to research aid students in relation to their own research interests. Community and ecological fieldwork and research are designed to help foster students' capacity to understand psyche, nature, and culture in dynamic relationship, and to develop both theoretical and practical skills of engagement with cultural, community, and ecological issues that affect psychological well-being.

Students who come to the study of depth psychology with a desire to focus their work in one of the distinctive foci of the program—be it intensive theoretical study, liberation psychologies, ecopsychology, or a deepening of clinical or cultural work— will find strong support, as will students who bring other areas of concentration for depth psychology.


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