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Adams (1995). Angel of Madness, Creative Muse: Suicide's Voice and Images.

Albrecht (2002). Eros defiled: Sexual exploitation of female clients by their female therapists.

Alexander (1992). Love's Shadow: The Mystery of Compulsive Phallic Exhibitionsim.

Ambrosius (2001). Wisdom: A positive aspect of aging.

Anderson (2000). Honest fictions: A study of the people in fiction and psychotherapy.

Annan (1999). Khidr: Strange encounters and transformation.

Anthony (2002). From the father's house:.

Arendsen (1998). Mother Loss, Exile, and the Imagination of Displacement.

Aron (1995). A Cultural-Historical Exploration of the Archetype of Delicate Small and Forceful Big.

Atkins (1998). Healing Hephaestus: Overcoming the shame-rage cycle of abuse.

Ayers (2000). The eyes of shame.

Bacon (2001). I thought that love would last forever: A phenomenological study of divorce, grief and transformation.

Baker (2002). Lectio divina: Toward a psychology of contemplation.

Bakos-Hartzler (2005). Connecting through chaos.

Barile (1999). The never-married, caucasian, American woman in mid-life....

Barker (2000). Dreamwork: How female psychotherapists experienced group dreamwork.

Barrett (1997). Through the Forbidden: Journeys of Suffering and Transformation.

Bateman (1999). The appearance of the deceased in dreams of the bereaved.

Beck (2001). Axing the frozen sea: The necessity of establishing alternative treatment for male adolescents in the juvenile justice system.

Becker (2004). Masks.

Bencosme (2005). The Meaning of Motherhood for the Mother.

Bennett (2003). Reverie and the Recovery of the Ancestral Landscape.

Bertoia (1998). Chronic fatigue syndrome: Sick and tired in modern culture.

Birge (1999). Women's transgression or transcendence in relationship:.

Bitsakos (2005). The reactions of professionals reviewing a training manual ....

Bloomstein (2001). The soulmate experience: A phenomenological investigation.

Boardman (1999). In favor of an archetypal sensitivity.

Bona (1996). The Dreams of St. Francis of Assisi.

Bowman (1995). Archetypes of incest.

Bray (1999). Pele's mythic journey:.

Brock (2003). Sandplay as a Rite of Passage Experience for Girls at Puberty.

Brown (1996). Psychospiritual openings of meditating pain patients.

Brown (2005). With a Feminine Eye.

Brown (2005). The Developing Soul ....

Bruneau (1998). The play of Eros: Revolutions, reveries, and reflections on the en-cased erotic in the histories of Anna O., Dora, and the Wolf Man..

Brunner (1996). A psychological rendering of consumerism.

Buck (2002). Coyote Walks the Line: A Study of Boundaries in People Being Treated for Schizophrenia and Their Art..

Buck (2001). Killing beauty in North America.

Buckley (1999). The myth of Mars and Venus:.

Burke (2003). Strange Attractors: Transference, Holography, and an Archetype.

Burnside (2002). Reclaiming the Soul: Meaning Out of Internalized Oppression.

Campbell (1997). Eye of the heart": Mazdaism, ancestor of archetypal psychology.

Camuso (2000). Psychopathic drift: A current of social distress.

Canterna Douglas (1997). When her mother dies: an adult daughter's depth perspective.

Carriere (2003). The Negative Attitude Associated With Menstruation:.

Carter-Liggett (1995). Storytelling: the biochemical basis of state-dependent learning in narrative transmission.

Caughey (2003). New Images Of Eros And Psyche Revealed Through Feminine Consciousness.

Cavanagh (1993). The red shoes revisited.

Charmant (2000). The marriage of the journey of the hero to the adult child of trauma.

Chee (2001). The gold elixir: The circular path of the Tao (Carl Jung, Chang Po-tuan).

Cimo (2001). A psychological use of tattoos.

Cohn (1997). The destruction of the forest and its impact on soul as informed by indigenous peoples.

Cohn (2004). Holism.

Colby (1997). Repairing The Injured Maternal Archetype Through The Twelve-Step Community Of Overeaters Anonymous:.

Coleman (2002). Healing at the wall: The Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

Coleman (2001). Addressing spirituality within a mental health agency: A case study.

Cook (1998). At the crossroads with Hecate An in-depth exploration of the phenomenology of melancholia in the practicing psychotherapist.

Coppin (1996). Erotic dialogues: language in the practice of archetypal psychotherapy.

Corson (1998). Wounds of the medial woman in contemporary Western culture.

Critchfield (2002). Unlocking the complexities of addiction:.

Croghan (1993). Mirrors of manhood: the formation of gay identity.

Curless (1999). An archetypal analysis of C. G. Jung's life and work....

Daniels (2002). Imaginal crime scene analysis: A forensic application of countertransferential active imagination.

Daniels (2001). The psychological experience of disillusionment in young adults: An empirical phenomenological analysis.

Danks (1995). The role of the dream in preparation for the transition of physical death.

Davidson-Methot (2000). Painting pictures of the family of God:.

De Puy (1994). Exploring dream image through acting technique.

Decker (1994). The Mental Health Behavior of the Mexican and Mexican American Elderly.

Degrati (2004). Maps to the Soul.

Deosaransingh (1995). Heidegger, Chuang Tzu, and authentic being-toward-death.

Derlacki (2001). Quantum alchemy: New model of psychological transference. Re-visioning bodies in therapeutic relationship.

Dickey (2003). Ensouling Family Therapy.

Dickey (2003). Ensouling Family Therapy.

Diggs (2000). A synthetic theory of human incest avoidance.

Dimeo-McLean (1999). Dream theatre: Soul work through embodiment.

Disciullo (1997). Remembering joy in the therapist and the psychotherapeutic process.

Dobson (1999). Varieties of 'transitional experience' in psychological theory and ancient Greek thought.

Douglass (1995). The MARI Card Test: a reliability study of an adapted group version administered to sex offenders.

Dovalis (2003). Cinema and Psyche: Individuation and the Postmodern Hero’s Journey.

Drapes (1998). The myth of Theseus and individuation: an archetypal study of the labyrinthine psyche.

Drummond (2004). Mercurial Aspect of Thinking.

Dukes (1995). Father and son mindfulness: the psychodynamics of loving attention.

Dunn (1997). Men at midlife: Waiting for death produces strange fruit.

Dworsky (2001). Losing touch: The implications of the repression of physical expression in Western psychotherapeutic practice.

Ellington (1998). A serendipity of the feminine: a comparative psychological study of C. G. Jung and C. S. Lewis in their spiritual quests.

Elliott (1997). Time, work, and meaning.

Eum (2005). The phenomenological study of never married women over 40.

Ferrier (1999). Living on the edge:.

Fidel-Rice (2002). The alchemy of grief.

Fincher (1998). Symbol of the androgyne:.

Fisher (2005). Factual fictions/imaginal truths.

Fleming (1997). The preverbal skin-made world: touch and the sensory origins of memory and language.

Forti (1995). The caged panther, negative narcissism, and the reconstruction of desire.

Foster (1998). Therapists and their fathers: An exploration of the experience of paternal countertransference by women psychotherapists.

French (1998). The power of choice.

Gaddis (2002). When little girls grow up with dead fathers:.

Gaetz (2004). Persephone Speaks.

Gallan (2001). A phenomenological study of the need to create across.

Gallegos (2001). A case study of a school-based adolescent therapy.

Garber (2002). Women who ride: The psyche of the female motorcyclist.

Gelt-Price (2001). Hell's angels.

George (1998). The creation of consciousness in Shakespeare's Hamlet: a study from three mythological perspectives.

Gilbert (2003). Dreams at Eventide:The Final Phase of Life as a Transformation of Consciousness.

Glaser (2001). The alchemy of compassion.

Gold (2002). The sister archetype and individuation.

Golis (2004). Dark Journey.

Goodchild (1998). Eros and chaos: The sacred mysteries and dark shadows of love.

Goranson (1999). Mothers of obsessive-compulsive children: Their story.

Gordon (2001). Encounters with the witch: An image of the dark feminineprinciple in the lives of women.

Graham (2004). The Dark Mouth of God.

Granahan (2005). Depression in the twenty-first century.

Greer (1998). From echo to embodied voice as song of the soul: finding voice as a midlife woman.

Greer (1998). Breast cancer: Imaginal realms of meaning.

Gregory (1996). Revivifying archetypal selfobject functioning in hypnotic trance:.

Griffith (1999). Bridging the self-other divide:.

Grote (2006). The Experience of Feeling Really Understood in Psychotherapy.

Guedet (1998). Beauty in the beast: A study of a woman's journey to meet with the animus..

Gundrum (1996). How the god-concepts of creative women affect their sense of personal authority.

Gunn (1995). The inner self helper in multiple personality disorder: angel or artifact?.

Hale (1994). The archetype of the stranger in contemporary american culture.

Hamer (2001). Personality characteristics and superior sales performance.

Hamilton (1998). A theoretical study of the death instinct as an intrinsic antithetical principle of being, defined within the dialectic structure of psychoanalysis.

Harrell (2003). Journey to Imagination.

Harrington (1998). A psychological and theological hermeneutic: integration of psyche, soul, and creative imagination.

Hartzell (1998). Visual creativity through the prism of psychological type.

Hartzell (2001). The irrepressible dance.

Hathaway (2000). Psyche's virtual reality.

Hauer (2003). Transpersonal Aspects of the Treatment of Dissociative Identity Disorder as a Result of Ritual Abuse.

Haworth (2001). Feminine archetypes lived in family systems and intentional communities.

Haynes (1997). The theatre as container for personal narrative and the psychotherapeutic process.

Hedge-Carruthers (1997). White, North American, Christian fundamentalism of the late 20th century:.

Heider (2003). The Significance of the Imagination to Psychological Process.

Hermes (2001). A cosmological and psychological portrayal:.

Hess (2004). Consciousness and quantum physics.

Hill (1996). Soul's Body: An imaginal re-viewing of morphic fields and morphic resonance.

Hill (1997). In Saturn's shadow: an archetypal perspective on optimal aging.

Holland (2002). The alchemy of mothers and adolescent daughters:.

Holland (2001). Assisted suicide: A depth psychological exploration.

Holthaus (2004). A Phenomenological Study.

Horwitz Zecharia (2000). Mysterium coniunctionis: The meeting ground of the masculine and the feminine.

Howard (1996). The problem of male initiation: contributions of contemporary depth psychology to a continuing mystery.

Howe (2003). The Awakening of the Heart.

Hunt (2004). When Memory Comes Calling.

Hurt (1994). A study of characteristics of adult inpatient psychiatric patients as predictors of readmission.

Hutchins (1996). Jung and Picard: archetypes and the modern myth of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Hylen (2002). The symbolic importance of the Virgin Mary:.

Inkmann (2001). The sense of shattered self following mild traumatic brain injury.

Ison (2002). Augmentation Mammaplasty: A Phenomenological and Theoretical Study.

Janz (2000). Psychological type and juror decision-making.

Jeffries (1998). Gay identity, typology, and eating disorders.

John (2000). Activating the food dream image to feed the subtle body: An archetypal perspective of food imagery and the symbolism as viewed through the cycle of life archetype.

Johnston (1996). The evolution of consciousness and the individuation process.

Johnston (1999). Echo: An aspect of the archetypal dependent personality.

Joseph (1997). The relationship of personality type to the experience of pain among those with fibromyalgia.

Kahane (2001). A phenomenological study of therapists' experiences of love for their clients.

Kaminsky (2004). Landscape of Addiction.

Karam (2003). Rethinking Dissociation As An Altered State Of Consciousness:.

Kaz (1993). A depth psychology of romantic love as a cultural artifact.

Kepner (2003). Women of the House of Atreus.

Kimmit (2000). Female midlife transitions: Dreaming the myth on.

Kinkel (2004). Forsaken by God/the experience of abandonment: perspectives on a phenomenon from depth psychology.

Kipnis (1991). Revisioning male psychology: an archetypal perspective on the gender specific, developmental needs of men.

Kleefeld (2000). The psychopathology of affluence.

Klein (1996). Psychological types and cognitive styles: a comparative and metaphorical perspective.

Kobor-Escobar (2001). The soul of mentoring and the mentoring of soul (Carl Jung, Sigmund Freud, Joseph Henderson, Toni Wolff).

Kohles (1995). Exploring the experience of everyday humor.

Kokuni (2003). Amaterasu's return to the cave.

Kolodziejski (2004). The Organization Shadow.

Koos (1997). Knowing a creative life from within by the intenstive journal method.

Kory (1999). Baubo: A depth psychological study of a female fool.

Kurisko (1998). A Jungian perspective on the nature of the animus....

Ladner (1998). The psychodynamics of compassion: psychological reflections on the Tibetan Buddhist stages of the Path literature.

Landau (1997). Attention dificit disorder: A Jungian Perspective.

Latham (2001). High-tech image influences on development of young children's imaginative world making.

Lavin (1993). The golden child phenomenon.

Lawrence (2002). Empathy during a passenger-service encounter.

LeStrange (1997). Psyche speaking through our place attachments.

Lee (1997). Symbol formation during major life transition.

Lenhart (1996). A developmental hypothesis based on the order of Jung's psychological functions:the genesis model.

Lewis (1999). The truth-lie coniunctio and the patient's story:.

Lewis (1999). The wild woman archetype:.

Lippincott (1992). Owls and larks in hypnosis:.

Logan (2000). The taboo of suffering: Returning the sacred to psychological affliction.

Logan (2000). The arcane dimension: Pursuing sanctity and emotional intimacy in romantic love.

Lorah (2002). Post-imagining.

Lowe (2002). Dyslexia, a different ability: A phenomenological study.

Lumley (1999). The alchemy of psychosis and the reclamation of soul.

Lyons (1999). Contemplative experience:.

MacKenzie (1999). The animal presence in depth psychology.

Mack (1997). The hero as healer: the female hero archetype in literature for adolescent girls.

Mantecon (1995). Re-membering broken bonds:.

Markesteijn (2002). Attention Deficit Disorder: A Depth Psychological Perspective.

Martin (1996). Illness as transformation.

Mathewson (2000). A theoretical study of masculine archetypes: Embraced and rejected in children's cinema.

Matthews (2005). Voice.

McAbee (1999). A comparison of the theory and practice of Jungian, archetypal, and Buddhist psychology ....

McClure (1998). A cross-cultural interdisciplinary study of the healing.

McCreary (2000). Money and the care of soul.

McDonald (1997). The heart has its reasons: a theoretical study of the typological feeling function.

McDonough (1996). Police use of deadly force and post-operational trauma.

McGovern (2000). Friedrich Nietzsche's Dionysian influence on the psychology of C. G. Jung.

McGurn (1998). The Divine Child archetype in Jungian psychological.

McIntyre (1999). In relationship to angels:.

McKenna (1997). Symptom as storyteller: migraine headache and journal writing.

McKenna (1998). The return of Nietzsche's Dionysian psychotherapy.

Mendelsohn (2000). Inheriting the shadow: Tears unshed, lives unmourned.

Mied (2002). The ways adult daughters feel betrayed by their mothers.

Miller (2000). The transcendent function: The emergence of the third in depth psychology (Carl G. Jung).

Miller (2005). Feeling-state theory of compulsion and cravings.

Minkoff (2004). The Alchemy of Individuation.

Miraftabi (2004). Bridges to tomorrow.

Mitchell (2000). The relationship between emotional abuse and the experience.

Moinzadeh (2004). The Secret Of Gay Being Embodying Homosexual Libido In The Iranian Imagination.

Monosoff (2001). Family of meetings: Potency, autonomy, and connection.

Montgomery (2003). Grief Needs A Witness:.

Moran (2000). Tourmaline: A study of the soul's relationship to trauma and aesthetic beauty.

Moreno (2004). Images From the Border.

Morris (1995). Reclaiming the furies: the Oresteia revisted.

Morrow (1992). Pathological narcissism and the denial of mortality:.

Moss (2001). How women mentor:.

Mossman (1996). Oedipus's daughter: the formation and function of the destructive animus.

Mulvaney (2002). The mesmerized moment.

Nicastro (1999). Executive psyche and the working cure:.

Nieburg (2000). Excitement and joy: The role of the positive affects in development and well-being.

Nikkel (1999). Oedipus wrecked: A phenomenological study of the male child molester.

Orem-Hough (2002). Soulful sight: The art of seeing.

Osband (2000). Fate, suffering, and transformation.

Paini (2001). A depth psychological study of the cooking process:.

Palmer-Daly (1995). Imagination: the stuff that love is made of.

Pasternak (2001). The lost soldier: A phenomenological study of trauma in noncombat soldiers in the Vietnam War.

Pearle (1998). At reason's edge: Freud's death drive and the enigma of human destructiveness (Sigmund Freud).

Perri (1993). An analysis of psychologically evaluated Roman Catholic priests and brothers comparing vocation and lifestyle, sexual orientation, and age.

Pickering (2000). The torch singer: A depth psychology study.

Plourde (1999). The icon as window to the self.

Plummer (2003). Mermaids, monsters, and madwomen: Voices of feminism and feminine consciousness.

Pluth (1995). Inner healing through empathic imagination: the individuation process in Shelley's Prometheus unbound.

Plymire (1993). The depth psychological implications of organizational culture.

Polack (1998). Jung, Merleau-Ponty, and the soul of the world.

Porter (1998). Border crossings: a hermeneutic investigation of borderline personality and the shadow side of science.

Preisinger (1997). Surrogate mother: A phenomenological naming of who she is / personal story, mythology, and dance.

Quiros (1999). Exo-psychology research:.

Redington (1999). The transforming power of exchange:.

Roberts (1998). Cyberspace and virtual reality as subtle body:.

Rorick-Evans (1998). Reclaiming the body:.

Ruhl (1997). Worlds of illness.

Ryan (1998). Trauma, dissociation, and the alcoholic blackout.

Ryan (2003). In the Shadow of Freud:The Death Instinct in Psychoanalysis.

Sa (1995). Psychotherapeutic Transference in Ethnic Patients.

Sablatura (2001). The experience of the numinous in the imaginal dream group process known as Dreamtending.

Sackman (2004). Remembering Orpheus Resurrecting Eurydice.

Sadak (1998). Psyche's tasks: Theoretical metaphors for soul development.

Savage (1994). Primitive to Sublime States of Mind.

Sawyer (1997). Performance and Survival: Competence versus helplessness and hopelessness.

Scarpino (2003). Thomas Merton's broken vows: Learning the lessons failure alone may teach.

Schanzer (2000). Limiting human potential in the archetypal field of gender: Conformity, culture, and femininity.

Scheinberg (1997). The Impact of Parent Participation in Sex Education on Adolescent Sexual Knowledge, Attitudes, Locus of Control, and Behavior.

Scurlock (2004). Early Disillusionment.

Seabridge (1996). Her Decade of Changing Desires: Exploring Menopausal Consciousness.

Seeman (2001). Individuation and subtle body: A commentary on Jung's Kundalini seminar.

Shaffer (2000). A thread of meaning:.

Sherpa (1995). The Impact of Acculturation and Gender on How Japanese-American Subjects Respond to Davanloo's Partial Trial Therapy as Measured by Levels of Anxiety, Depression, and Self-Esteem.

Shewchuk-Dann (2001). Children With Conduct Disorder.

Shields (2002). Reverie and the phenomenology of pantomime: Inhabiting countertransference.

Simkins (2001). A phenomenological study of the psychological impact of prostate cancer.

Simpson (2005). Remembering Infancy.

Slater (1996). Surrendering to Psyche: Depth Psychology, Sacrifice, and Culture.

Sloan (2000). Shamanic initiation: Map of the soul. The actor-healer archetype revealed.

Smyer (1999). Fields of being, fields of interaction.

Snyder (2001). Myth and metaphysics: Archetypal psychology and Christian spirituality in dialogue.

Soltani (1996). Phenomenological Study of Mother-Daughter Relationships.

Soubrouillard (1995). A Psychological Study of the Vision and Treatment of Mental Illness by Nepalese Shamans.

Spletzer (2005). Mutual regulation.

St. Julian (1997). The Divine Intersection Where Angels and Humans Meet: A Phenomenological Study.

Stahlschmidt (2003). A Psychoanalytically Oriented View of the Transformational....

Stanton (1994). Emerging Images of the Angelic: A Phenomenological Study of Three Artists.

Stark (1992). A Psychological Examination of the Amish Persona.

Steele (1992). The Psychological Role of the Father: a Theoretical Dissertation.

Stevens (1996). Psyche's Plea: Premenstrual Syndrome and the Cultural Betrayal of the Feminine.

Stone (1994). Cancer as Initiation: Surviving the Fire.

Stormon (2004). Transgressing Aggression.

Stringer (1999). An intimate exploration of rock stacking as a sacred art form evoking the numinous experience.

Sweig (1996). Yang Femininity: Girlhood Tomboyism and Adult Women's Development.

Thomas (1996). The Absent Feminine and Pathological Emptiness.

Todd (1996). The Archetype of Hestia: Learning How to Dwell in the World and Oneself as Home.

Trappey (1999). Dreaming about dying:.

Tsai (1997). The victim complex: the psychology of the victim from a Jungian / archetypal perspective.

Vaccaro (2003). Shadow dancing: The expressive and symbolic functions of compulsive sexual behaviors in a sample of urban gay men.

Von Moltke (2000). A dialogue between Jung's psychology and the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.

Vorhand-Ariel (1999). Alchemy and Jewish mysticism:.

Walker (2003). Treating Chemical Dependency.

Wallace (2001). Dying to be born: A meditation on transformative surrender within spiritual and depth psychological experiences.

Walters (2000). Exploring the myth of Demeter and Persephone: Mothers, daughters, vampires, land, and hope.

Walton (1999). Near-death experiences:.

Warren (1997). The Importance and Meaning of Friendship among older adults.

Weil (2002). The Lived Experience of Psychotherapists who Integrate Astrology into their Depth Psychology Practice.

Weiser (1999). The Bhagavad Gita.

Weisner (2001). The mythology of infancy: Lullabies from a Jungian perspective (Marie Louise von Franz, Carl Jung).

Weldon (2004). The Platonic Roots of Analytic Psychology.

West (2002). Addiction as a search for the sacred.

Wilkins (1998). A theory of transcendence.

Wilson (1999). The mirror of death.

Woodard (1998). An acoustic analysis of trance-channeled speech.

Yadegar (2005). Sexual Addiction.

Young (2000). Shadow on the heart: Soul murder and the destruction of the imagination.

Zammit (2000). Transformation through the transference.

Zeitz (1995). (The) navel of silence: feminine subjectivity, psychoanalysis, and the articulation of desire.

Zettl (1998). Knights in shining armor.

Zuniga (2001). A phenomenological view: Mexican American daughters and their aging mothers.

Zweig (1995). The holy longing: a psychological study of the religious impulse.




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