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Getting Started

D2L System and Browser Requirements

Logging in to D2L Guide (Logging in to D2L Video)

Resetting Password Guide (Resetting Password Video)


Navigating D2L

Navigating D2L Overview Guide


Navigating My Home Video

Navigating Main Navbar Video
Navigating a Course Home Video

Navigating a Resource Center Video


Navigating a Course

Learning Modules Guide (Learning Modules Video)

Discussions: Posting Guide & Replying Guide (Discussions Video)

Dropboxes Guide (Dropboxes Video)

Quizzes Guide (Quizzes Video)

Grades Guide (Grades Video)

Evaluations Guide


Personal Tools

Updating Your Profile Guide (Updating Your Profile Video)

Changing Your Password Guide (Changing Your Password Video)



How to Download Mp3/Mp4 Files Guide

How to Print/Save Discussion Posts Guide

How to Use and Manage Discussion Subscriptions Guide 

How to Login to a Blackboard Collaborate Meeting Guide (Video)



For additional assistance, please contact IT Support:

Email: itsupport@pacifica.edu

Phone: (805) 679-6199

Available Monday through Friday from 8 AM - 5 PM (PST), and on weekends from 7 AM - 3:30 PM (PST), excluding Pacifica's observed holidays.

Login Issues:

If the login link for Pacifica's eLearning does not automatically log you into Desire2Learn, try the following:

      1. Delete all cookies for "elearning.my.pacifica.edu" from your web browser.
 2. Clear the cache from your web browser.
 3. Close out of your web browser completely.
 4. Open your browser again and login to Pacifica's elearning system.

If you are still unable to access Desire2Learn to view your online courses, contact the Pacifica IT support staff.