Current Dissertations

From Lost Twin to Found Self: A Journey of Individuation

 CANDIDATE:  Judith Elizabeth Hall        PROGRAM:  Depth Psychotherapy

Involuntary Commitment: A Phenomenological Examination of Individuals Diagnosed with Schizophrenia

 CANDIDATE:  Jaclyn Diane Deilgat       PROGRAM:  Clinical Psychology

A Phenomenological Exploration of Adult Women’s Experiences of Indirect Aggression

 CANDIDATE:  Meghan Rose McKenzie       PROGRAM:  Clinical Psychology

Epiphanies of Soul: When the Bolts of the Universe fly Open A Depth Psychological Contemplation of Wonder

 CANDIDATE:  Lindsey Beaven        PROGRAM:  Depth Psychotherapy

The Field of Silence and Contact Layers

 CANDIDATE:  Smadar De Lange       PROGRAM:  Clinical Psychology

Experiences of Addiction: From Onset to Recovery A Phenomenological Investigation of Six Adult Men in Substance Abuse Treatment Programs Concerning Their Experiences of Addiction

 CANDIDATE:  Anne R. Perkins       PROGRAM:  Clinical Psychology

Partnering the Felt Self: A Contemporary Uranian Psychoanalytic Approach to Active Imagination for Gay Men

 CANDIDATE:  Bryce McDavitt       PROGRAM:  Clinical Psychology

Maternal Attachment and the Transfiguration of Sorrow into Acts of Self-Injury

 CANDIDATE:  Deborah Anne Ferera       PROGRAM:  Clinical Psychology

A Fictive Reality: The Social Construction of Mythologies and the Mythologizing of Social Interactions

 CANDIDATE:  Aaron Robert Duggan       PROGRAM:  Mythological Studies

Transformations in the Therapist’s Psyche Through Working With Borderline Patients

 CANDIDATE:  Ifat Peled       PROGRAM:  Clinical Psychology

Giegerich’s Psychology of Soul: Psychotherapeutic Implications

 CANDIDATE:  Daniel Anderson        PROGRAM:  Clinical Psychology

Shadow, Archetype, and Projection in Arizona Lawmaking: The Psychological Impact of SB 1070 on People of Hispanic Descent in Arizona

 CANDIDATE:  Jorge A. Gómez        PROGRAM:  Clinical Psychology 

Lost Moon: A Depth Psychological and Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis of Adolescent Heartbreak

 CANDIDATE:  Erica Frances Smith        PROGRAM:  Depth Psychotherapy

World’s Geography of Love: An Alchemical Hermeneutic Inquiry into the Heroic Masculine’s Rebirth as Influenced by Love as the Glutinum Mundi and The Feminine Incorporatio

 CANDIDATE:  Geraldine P. C. Matus       PROGRAM:  Depth Psychotherapy

A Narrative analysis of the lived experience of Addiction and Sobriety in the context of Alcoholic Anonymous (AA) based sponsor-sponsee relationship

 CANDIDATE:  Om Prakash Sharma         PROGRAM:  Clinical Psychology