Current Dissertations

A Study of Intergenerational Transmission of Resilience in Latina Mother Daughter Dyads in Southern California

 CANDIDATE:  Mabel Vasquez    PROGRAM:  Clinical Psychology

Infertility Among Women of Mexican Descent Living in the United States: A Phenomenological Analysis on the Emotional and Sexual Impact and Coping Styles

 CANDIDATE:  Janet Brito       PROGRAM:  Clinical Psychology

Self Knowledge and Mystical Union: The Transformation of Consciousness

 CANDIDATE:  Katherine A. Dublinski       PROGRAM:  Clinical Psychology

Toward the Heart of Cleopatra: Shakespeare’s Contribution to Female Consciousness

 CANDIDATE:  Nancy Hinman       PROGRAM:  Depth Psychotherapy

Mourning and Transformation: A Phenomenological Study of Living Through the Journey of Grief

 CANDIDATE:  Pamela E. Percy        PROGRAM:  Clinical Psychology

Ancient Egyptian Sacred Science and the Loss of Soul in Modern Materialism

 CANDIDATE:  Todd Hayen        PROGRAM:  Depth Psychotherapy

Soulmaking within the Destructive Side of God Seeing Through Monotheism’s Holy Warrior 9-11 to Prehistory

 CANDIDATE: Deborah Wilday       PROGRAM:  Mythological Studies

Corpsman Up: The Lived Experience of PTSD in Navy Hospital Corpsmen Who Have Served in Combat with Marine Corps Units in Iraq or Afghanistan

 CANDIDATE:  Jeffrey Allen Riffle        PROGRAM:  Clinical Psychology

Degrees of Freedom: The Experience of Character Armor and its Gradual Softening

 CANDIDATE:  Raymond J. Coppola        PROGRAM:  Clinical Psychology

Authorship, Archetype and Zeitgeist: Methodologies for Interpreting Identity

 CANDIDATE:  Cerena Ceaser        PROGRAM:  Mythological Studies

Disenfranchised Grief & Resilience Among Gay Widowers: A Phenomenological Exploration

 CANDIDATE:  Bryan R. McNutt        PROGRAM:  Clinical Psychology

The Heroic Shadow: Development of the Ego-Shadow Complex

 CANDIDATE:  Richard P. Caro         PROGRAM:  Clinical Psychology

From Lost Twin to Found Self: A Journey of Individuation

 CANDIDATE:  Judith Elizabeth Hall        PROGRAM:  Depth Psychotherapy

Involuntary Commitment: A Phenomenological Examination of Individuals Diagnosed with Schizophrenia

 CANDIDATE:  Jaclyn Diane Deilgat       PROGRAM:  Clinical Psychology

A Phenomenological Exploration of Adult Women’s Experiences of Indirect Aggression

 CANDIDATE:  Meghan Rose McKenzie       PROGRAM:  Clinical Psychology