Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology


It is the responsibility of each student to KEEP COPIES of all documentation related to their doctoral program such as all practicum & internship documentation, personal therapy hours, syllabi, course requirements/catalogs, grade change forms, incomplete requests, student handbooks, grades, notices, correspondence, and any other documents or forms.  

DO NOT depend on your program to keep any of the above for your records, which you may need for future documentation/licensing.

Practicum & Internship Resources

 - Clinical Training Handbook - PhD 

-  Clinical Training Handbook - PsyD

 - FAQ

 - Forms

 - State Boards of Psychology

 - Links


Upcoming Important Dates 

Click here for the 2015 CAPIC schedule: CAPIC Schedule

Click here for the 2015 APPIC schedule: APPIC Schedule

Other Important News


Practicum Application Process Starts Now

All students who plan to start practicum training in Summer/Fall 2015 (whether their first practicum, second practicum, or continuing a second year in the same site), must submit the Practicum Readiness Packet to the Clinical Training Office by 2nd session of Fall quarter.

The Practicum Readiness Packet consists of the following:

    - Practicum Readiness Form

    - HIPAA Acknowledgment (submitted only once in the 1st year)

    - A copy of your CV

    - A written statement of goals you wish to accomplish in your practicum training

    - Training Site Proposal Form (only if proposing new training sites)

 The practicum site list can be found above, under 'Links'.


Internship Application Season is Here

All students who plan to start their pre-doctoral internship training in the Summer/Fall of 2015 must submit the Internship Readiness Packet to the Clinical Training Office now. Please view the Internship Application Presentation found here.

The Internship Readiness Packet consists of the following:

    - Internship Readiness Form

    - A copy of your CV

    - A written statement of goals you wish to accomplish in your pre-doctoral internship training


Do you have a National Gambling Counselor Certification?

If you do and live in Nevada, there may be a practicum opportunity for you. Please contact the training office for more information. 


New Requirement for Practicum Students only

All practicum students are required to maintain a weekly log of their hours and submit to the clinical training office quarterly, at the same time as the Supervisor Evaluation of Student form is submitted. You are encouraged to maintain a more detailed log of your weekly practicum hours in addition to this weekly log. The form can be found under the link 'forms' or here: Practicum Weekly Log


Information for Upcoming Graduates who Plan to Become Licensed in CA

If you are preparing to take the EPPP exam, you must receive permission from the CA board before you can schedule a time to take this exam. To start the process you must complete an application for licensure and pay the required fee of $40. You may do this anytime after you complete your pre-doc internship and complete your doctoral degree.

However, many people choose to start the application process after they complete their post-doc internship. Be aware that if you choose to do so, there may be a delay of many months before becoming eligible for the next step towards licensure. For more information please see the link to the Board of Psychology page that lists the current licensing timeframes: Licensing Timeframes and the link regarding information on becoming licensed: Licensure as a Psychologist


Evaluation Process Update

Students are no longer being prompted to submit evaluations by the Clinical Training Office. These forms are due to the Clinical Training Office every quarter for practicum (For the PhD & PsyD program), every quarter for intership (PsyD Program only) and biannually for internship (PhD Program only). Please note the deadlines:

Practicum(PhD & PsyD) & PsyD Internship

Winter Quarter - Due March 31 (Includes hours accrued from January 1 through March 31)

Spring Quarter - Due June 30 (Includes hours accrued from April 1 through June 30)

Summer Quarter - Due September 30 (Includes hours accrued from July 1 through September 30)

Fall Quarter - Due December 31 (Includes hours accrued from October 1 through December 31)

PhD Internship

Spring Quarter - Due June 30 (Includes hours accrued from January 1 through June 30)

Fall Quarter - Due December 31 (Includes hours from July 1 through December 31)


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