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Veronica Goodchild Honored

Veronica Goodchild

Veronica Goodchild was proposed and elected as an Affiliate Member of the Inter-Regional Society of Jungian Analysts (IRSJA) at their spring meeting in Boulder, CO. This honor is in recognition of her scholarly and creative contributions to Jungian thought through her publications, and her commitment to analytical psychology through practice, and teaching and mentoring students for more than three decades.

Earth Charter Project Coordinator Richard Clugston Speaks at Pacifica

Dr. Rick Clugston spoke about “The Earth Charter and Tending the Soul of the World” at Pacifica.

On August 15th, Pacifica’s Sustainability Committee and the Chancellor’s Office hosted Dr. Rick Clugston’s talk on the Earth Charter and recent environmental activities that have emerged out of the United Nations conference Rio +20. Dr. Clugston is the Project Coordinator for the Earth Charter Scholarship Project at the Center for Environmental and Sustainability Education and has been working directly as a coordinator for the Earth Charter and United Nations’ Rio + 20 conferences.

Dr. Clugston’s talk, entitled “The Earth Charter and Tending the Soul of the World: Contending the Meaning and Paths to Sustainable Development” was an intriguing blend of background on the environmental movement, current politics that came out of Rio +20, and how an exploration of higher education and depth psychology can assist with looming environmental and economic problems.

Dr. Clugston shared that, due to the enormous difficulties currently involving environmental affairs and sustainable development, he often thinks of Joseph Campbell’s concept of “the one radiance shines through all things.” Dr. Clugston feels strongly that when people come to respect “the soul of the world,” they will change the way they treat environmental destruction and economic development. He concluded his address by urging everyone to ponder: What are the environmental myths of our time? How can they inform on the current state of affairs? How does one move forward in a way that respects and honors the soul of the world?

To learn more about the United Nations Rio +20 conference and the Earth Charter visit or

Introducing Joel Weishaus, Pacifica’s Artist-in-Residence

A work by Joel Weishaus, Pacifica's Artist-in-Residence.

Earlier this year, the Pacifica community welcomed Joel Weishaus as their first official “Artist-in-Residence.” Joel is a local practicing artist with a published history in poetry, poetic prose, sculpture, digital images and literature, curating, publishing and editing anthologies, as well as collaboration other with artists in photography and digital innovation.

Since the mid-1990s, Joel has been developing what he calls Digital Literary Art, which combines creative and academic writing with digital photography, and has been publishing essays, book reviews, and critiques in newspapers and academic and professional journals.

In addition, was Assistant Librarian at the Oregon Friends of C.G. Jung Library in Portland, and served on the Executive Committee of The International Association for Jungian Studies. From 2002-2008, he was Visiting Faculty at Portland State University, and is presently an Honorary Fellow in the Department of English, University of California, Santa Barbara.

For more information, please view his archive at Virginia Polytechnic University’s Center for Digital Discourse and Culture at

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