Pacifica in the World —
International Outreach

These efforts are being undertaken in order to expand Pacifica’s Mission in the world and cultivate an increased interest in the Institute’s academic and public programs:

Affiliation with the Earth Charter

Affiliation with the Earth Charter continues through the Chancellor’s Office. The Earth Charter is involved with the United Nations’ system-wide preparations for the post-2015 UN Development Agenda. The Chancellor’s Office is collaborating with Earth Charter representatives to feature Pacifica as an evolutionary, sustainable model of academic and environmental excellence for the upcoming 2015 meeting. In addition, the Chancellor’s Office is exploring opportunities for involvement in mutually beneficial initiatives.

Global Dream Initiative

The Office of the Chancellor is developing a methodology for harvesting the intelligence of the dreaming psyche, and bringing it to bear on the challenges of our times. These efforts include Pacifica faculty and the sustainability community. Click Here to see a video of Steve Aizenstat discussing the Global Dream Initiative.

Affiliations with Eranos

Explorations of various potential affiliations between Pacifica, Opus Archives and Research Center, and the Eranos Foundation are ongoing. Stephen Aizenstat offered a lecture at Eranos, On the Threshold: Cyberspace and Dreamspace for the Eranos Tagung 2012 entitled, On the Threshold: Disorientation and the New Forms of the Space. More information is available at

Pacifica and the Jungian Tradition Collaborate

The Offices of the Chancellor, President and Provost are exploring opportunities for students and alumni to engage in programing at Jung Societies, Conferences, and Institutes worldwide.

World Presidents’ Organization to Meet at Pacifica

Gene Dongieux of the World Presidents' Organization

This fall, 35 CEOs, Presidents, and founders of companies will gather on the Ladera Campus to hold their annual meeting and learn more about Pacifica. Gene Dongieux, Chief Investment Officer at Mercer Advisors and Chapter Chair of Education for the World President’s Association, notes that this will be the organizations first event of the year. Steve Aizenstat, Chancellor and Founding President, will address the group on looking at how intelligence in dreams informs corporate leadership. The Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO)/World Presidents’ Organization (WPO), is sometimes called the world’s most powerful network. YPO/WPO connects over 20,000 chief executives who are leading companies that collectively generate $6 trillion annually and employ more than 15 million people in 20 countries.

Students, Alums, and Faculty Present at the Jungian Society for Scholarly Studies Conference

Jennifer Selig, Conference Chair, gave the closing address.
Depth alum Marcy De Veaux served on a panel with Samuel Kimbles

The 2012 Jungian Society for Scholarly Studies Conference held recently in New Orleans was a great success! Students, alums, and faculty representing every one of Pacifica's degree programs made presentations. They are all to be congratulated for their high level of scholarship and soulful presentations. Jennifer Selig served as the Conference Chair.

2013 Legacy Tour from Zürich to Ascona, Switzerland

The Office of the Chancellor and Pacifica’s Public Programs Department are developing a 2013 Legacy Tour that will explore the origins, history, and significance of the life and work of C.G. Jung.

2014 Legacy Tour—A Mytho-Historical Journey to Israel

Dr. Erel Shalit

Dr. Erel Shalit, an Israeli Jungian psychoanalyst is working with the Office of the Chancellor and Pacifica’s Public Programs Department to craft a journey to the historic and mythic sites of Israel during 2014.

Pacifica in the World —
In the United States

Pacifica Is Well Represented at Psychologists for Social Responsibility’s Conference

Psychologists for Social Responsibility’s (PsySR) 2012 annual conference was held last July at Trinity Washington University in Washington DC. PsySR is an independent, non-profit organization that applies psycho-logical knowledge and expertise to promote peace, social justice, human rights, and sustainability. Its members are psychologists, students, and other advocates for social change in the United States and around the world. This conference celebrated PsySR’s 30th Anniversary and its theme was “Psychology and the Occupy Movement: Synergies for Social Change.”

Harry Grammer, a student in Pacifica’s Community Psychology, Liberation Psychology, and Ecopsychology Specialization (CLE) of the Depth was awarded the 2012 Josephine “Scout” Wollman Fuller Award for his work in creating the New Earth Organization. It offers artistic enrichment, educational programs and transition services that empower incarcerated and at-risk youth between the ages of 13 and 18 to begin a journey of self-discovery, releasing self-imposed and societal limits on their true potential.

Co-Chair of the Community Psychology, Liberation Psychology and Ecopsychology Specialization, Mary Watkins, gave a plenary presentation on “Psychosocial Accompaniment” and facilitated an Open Space visioning, “Future Visions and Action Blueprint: The Work Before Us Now as Socially Responsible Psychologists.” Students and alumni from the CLE, Depth, and Counseling Programs at Pacifica also presented.

Dr. Deanne Bell presented on “Liberation Psychology: Reviewing Some Core Ideas.” Dr. Gordon Lee, Themis De la Peña, and Mónica Del Valle presented “Indigenous Psychologies: Remembering and Re-Telling Stories as Acts of Healing and Hope Promoting Social Justice.” Jim Seger, Caroline Shahbaz, Madeleine Spencer, and Stacey Zackin presented “Hospitality, Hierarchy, and Houselessness: Paradigm Change in the Occupy Movement.” Caroline Shahbaz presented “Kinkophphobia and the DSM.” Ipek S. Burnett presented “Aesthetic Response-Abilities: The Occupy Movement and the Arts.”

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Affiliation with the Santa Barbara Healing Sanctuary

The Office of the Chancellor, in conjunction with the Office of the President, is exploring an affiliation with Santa Barbara Healing Sanctuary, an integrative medicine treatment center. The foundation of the Sanctuary’s program is its emphasis on the healing power of dreams. For more information visit

APA Division 32 Conference to Be Held at Pacifica

The Sixth Annual Conference of the Society for Humanistic Psychology, Division 32 of the American Psychological Association will be held at the Ladera Campus from February 28 to March 3, 2013. Division 32 of the APA recognizes the full richness of the human experience. Its foundations include philosophical humanism, existentialism and phenomenology. For more information visit

Contemplative Practice and Consciousness Studies

The Chancellor, Provost and President are exploring collaborations with a group of talented international professors and spiritual teachers of Contemplative Studies. Consultations have been held with Alan Wallace, a noted Buddhist scholar and practitioner.

PBS Program on Imagination Update

The Chancellor continues collaborating with Jim Jackson, an Emmy-winning writer, producer, and director, to discuss a six-part television series on Imagination for PBS.

Post-Doctoral/Graduate Fellowships

The Office of the Chancellor is studying the feasibility of launching a Post-Doctoral/Graduate Fellowship Program in the fields of Depth Psychology and Mythological Studies. The feasibility study includes market assessment; determining price point; reviewing similar programs; and coordinating with Pacifica faculty and Provost.

Foodbank of Santa Barbara County celebrates 30th Anniversary

The Foodbank of Santa Barbara County will celebrate its 30th anniversary with a special Table of Life gala on Pacifica’s Lambert Road Campus on Sunday, October 28th from 11:30am to 2:30pm. The event will pay tribute to two foundations that have supported the Foodbank’s work and mission over the last 30 years. Ron Gallo and Charles Slosser of the Santa Barbara Foundation, Tom and Susan Parker and Pam Lewis of the Hutton Parker Foundation will be honored.

Jane Lindsey, Director of Development for the Food Bank, said “the Foodbank is honored that Dr. Stephen Aizenstat, Pacifica’s Chancellor and Founding President, has opened Pacifica’s doors allowing the Table of Life Gala to be hosted on their idyllic Lambert Campus grounds.” She pointed out that in recent years, the Foodbank has been fortunate to receive organic produce from Pacifica for distribution. She added that, “through Pacifica Graduate Institute’s generosity, the Table of Life Gala will ensure that the Foodbank is able to make a truly transformative change in the future health of our community.”

The Foodbank makes a difference in the lives of 1 in 4 people in Santa Barbara County, distributing over 11 million pounds of food countywide (half of which is fresh produce) through both their own innovative programs and a network of 290 nonprofit agencies and programs. The Table of Life Gala is a fundraising event with a goal to raise $300,000 to support the nutritional health of 30,000 children in Santa Barbara County.

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