Role of the Chancellor

To implement and give voice to Pacifica’s aspirations and core values, the Board of Trustees has charged the Office of the Chancellor with three main initiatives, as well as institutional responsibilities.

The Office of External Affairs is the Chancellor’s primary vehicle for enhancing Pacifica’s mission and presence in the world. In doing so, the Chancellor is able to bring the expertise and achievements developed at Pacifica to leaders in many key areas:

The Opus Archives and Research Center at Pacifica seeks to expand, preserve and protect archival collections and libraries of the distinguished elders from the Depth Psychological and Mythological Traditions, with Pacifica’s assistance. Opus secures and awards research grants, scholarships, and fellowships to those who are moving this work into its next evolution.

The Pacifica Alumni Association supports and partners with Pacifica’s Alums—who now number more than 3,000—in their unique work. The Association also offers multiple opportunities for Alumni to pursue their vocational goals and spiritual/imaginal callings, as well as contribute back to the Pacifica institutional body.

Institutional Responsibilities

The Chancellor attends the EMC when items related to the activities of his office are placed on the agenda, or as otherwise would be helpful to Pacifica, particularly as to marketing or finances. The Chancellor also has standing weekly meetings with Pacifica’s General Council and CFO. In addition, the Chancellor is present and integral, in a particularized way, at ceremonial functions such as Graduations, Community Rituals, Farewell Dinners, Memorial Rituals, Public Programs, and the like.

The Chancellor has core faculty status and teaches across programs, offering students instruction in dream work/archetypal psychology, a narrative of Pacifica’s origins, and, through story, a connection to her founding Elders. As core faculty, research and publication projects are supported and continue to develop.

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