Pacifica in the World

Welcome to “Pacifica in the World.” The Office of the Chancellor draws on a mode of advocacy we call Archetypal Activism. This soul-centered engagement with the world extends Pacifica’s presence in ever-widening circles on the global landscape. We invite you to be part of this movement.
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Dianne Travis-Teague Named Director of Alumni Affairs

Partnering with the Pacifica Alumni Association, the Chancellor’s Office supports opportunities for Alumni mentorships, vocational prospects and spiritual/imaginal callings. Alumni networking and connection are readily available on the Alumni website and at local and regional alumni events.
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Opus Celebrates the Study of Myth

Opus Archives and Research Center, a non-profit organization located on the campuses of Pacifica Graduate Institute, is currently offering the 2013 New Mythos Research Grant: New Mythos II. Learn more about this grant at
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Presentations and Videos:

Steve Aizenstat introduces the Global Dream Initiative.
A report on the ongoing sustainability program at Pacifica Graduate Institute.

Attention Pacifica Students

We’d like to hear some of the ways that your studies at Pacifica have enhanced your life off campus, either professionally or personally. Perhaps you’ve been inspired to expand the scope of your work. Please click on the link below and let us know.
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In Summer's Room

We are pleased to present a beautiful seasonal poem by Nils Peterson, a long-time dream tender and the former Poet Laureate of Santa Clara County.
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