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Pacifica's Literary Between Journal

Photo by Leuren Arenberg


A threshold, a liminal space between worlds.
A pregnant quaternity,
Power resides here - and the trickster guardian.
There is an acute sense of eternity,
Of beginnings, endings, and turning points. 
Is it Fate?

What does CROSSROADS evoke for you?

Submission Information

All current Pacifica students are invited to engage Crossroads with poetry, short prose, art, and photography

For further information, download the Submission Form here. Every student must submit their work electronically along with a submission form to theBetweenJournal@gmail.com

The limit is 3 submissions per student. All submission forms must be saved in this format: LastName.FirstName. All creative work submitted must be saved as the title of the work. 

If you have further questions, email us at theBetweenJournal@gmail.com


Submission Deadline Final Extension 
March 1, 2013


Between is Pacifica Graduate Institute's student produced interdisciplinary literary journal.