Market Garden Order Form (week of March 24-27, 2014)

We welcome you to our ongoing experiments of producing food with less and less water. Marshall has grown food during other droughts and learned which crops and even which varieties do well with less irrigation. Most fast-maturing annual crops are water hogs relative to their food values. All newly planted or transplanted crops require regular moisture to become established. We do have techniques and materials to improve the microhabitats of the more sensitive plants and hope to report good results; the best way is to list food for sale! New this week is Fuerte avocado and Pink grapefruit exchanged for cabbage and other crops from our farm. Also see new herbs and lettuce Sierra. Enjoy!  Marshall, Logan, Maggie, Garrett and Arden


Please use the form below for your produce order. Click inside the quantity box to activate the cursor and then enter the quantity you desire. Please indicate whether you are ordering by the pound (e.g., type "3#" into the box) or are ordering multiples of the item (e.g., type "3 ea" into the box).

Our produce list is updated each weekend. Customer orders will be filled for pickup or delivery on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, commercial orders on Wednesday. Except on campus, a $10 minimum order please, and a $10.00 surcharge is required for delivery. Please select your preferred delivery day and submit your order the day prior to allow time for harvest and delivery. Orders sent after 8:00 AM on your preferred delivery day probably won't be filled.

Complete your order by clicking the "SUBMIT" button at the bottom of the list.

We appreciate prompt payment by cash or by check made out to Marshall Chrostowski. Writing the sales ticket number on your check helps us out. We prefer not to accept prepayment on orders given the varying availability of items.
Checks may be sent to PO Box 1315, Oak View, Ca. 93022 or placed in Marshall's campus mailbox. Phone inquiries: (805) 687-7109.
We welcome your clean recycled paper and plastic bags; we need them at the Garden! Many thanks for your continuing support.
Last updated: Sunday, 3-23-2014   8:30am PDT

*No charge for delivery to Summerland or those in the immediate neighborhoods*

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             SPECIAL ITEMS    
   Eggs, organic
limit of one half-dozen per order for now
 $2.50 for 6
limited quantity
              CUT FLOWERS    
   Alstroemeria pastel colors
 $1.45 for 3
   Iris, Dutch
 NEW  blue
 $1.00 each 
  Iris, Japanese
 NEW  white
 $1.00 each 
   RanunculusON SALE mixed hot colors
 $1.00 for 3
   Avocado, Fuerte
 NEW medium, skin green when ripe, local ranch
 $1.45 eachlimited quantity
  Avocado, Hass
 medium to large, from Lambert Rd. ranch
 each limited quantity
   Grapefruit, Pink
 NEW  local ranch
 $1.50 lb. limited quantity
  Orange, Navel,  Washington
 from Ralph's organic orchard
 $1.45 lb. 
   Tangerine, Dancy
old California variety from our Pacifica orchard
 $2.00 quantity
   Collard Greens, Blue Max
  $1.65 bunch limited quantity
   Collard Greens, Vates
 NEW  old variety
  Mache, Jade Green
 salad green
 $1.85 bunch limited quantity
   Mizuna, Green
  mild flavor
 each limited quantity
   Mustard, Red

 $1.60 bunch 
   Pak Choi

 $1.65 each 
   Tree Collard
  $1.50 bunch 
   Celery leaf, Parcel
 NEW $1.50 bunch 
   Chives, Garlic
 NEW $1.50 bunch limited quantity
 $1.50 bunch 
   Cress, Upland or Garden
 $1.40 each limited quantity
   Fennel leaf, Bronze
 $1.50 bunch 
   Lemon Grass
 long stems
 $1.00 6 stems
   Marjoram, Sweet
 $1.45 bunch 
   Mint, Chocolate
 NEW $1.50 bunch 
  Oregano, Italian
 NEW $1.50 bunch 
 Parsley, Double Curly
 $1.70 bunch 
  Rosemary, Tuscan Blue
 best of culinary types$1.70
 Sorrel, French
 $1.50 bunch 
   Tarragon, French
 NEW $1.85 bunch limited quantity
   Thyme, Lemon
 NEW $1.70bunch
   Thyme, Orange
   Arugula NEW 
 $1.65 bunch 
  Bean, Fava
 NEW  mixed varieties, limit of #1 per order for now
 $1.85 lb. limited quantity
   Broccoli, side shoots
 limit of #1 per order
 $1.85 lb. limited quantity
  Cabbage, Green,   Emerald Cross
 $1.25 lb.
  Cabbage, Green,      Green Acres
 $1.25 lb.
  Cabbage, Green,      Savoy
 NEW $1.50 lb. limited quantity
   Kale, Blue Curled
  $1.75 bunch 
   Kale, Winterbor
 NEW  very curly!
   Leek, King Richard
 NEW  <1.5"
 $1.25 each 
 Lettuce, our choice
 $1.70 each
   Indiana Amish
 $1.90 each 
  Flashy Troutback
speckled Romaine
 $1.85 each 
   Mottistone speckled red crisphead
 $1.85 each 
   Oscardefancy red Oak Leaf
 $1.75 each 
   Parris Island/Green Towers
 green Romaine
 $1.70 each 
   Rouge d'Hiver
bronze/green Romaine
 $1.85 each 
   SierraNEW  red/green crisphead
 $1.80 each
   Pea, Snow Pea
NEW  limit of 2# per order
 $4.00 lb. limited quanity
  Pea, Sugar Pod II
 limit of #1 per order
 $4.00 lb. limited quantity
   Pumpkin, Musquée de Provence
 ON SALE   ~#2 wedges
 $1.20 lb. 
   Scallion/New Green, Garlic
 for 6
   Spinach, Pigeon
 NEW $1.85
  Swiss Chard, Bright Lights
 bunch limited quantity
   Swiss Chard, Ruby Red & Rhubarb
  $1.70 bunch

Please click the Submit button below to complete your order. Thank you, we appreciate your support! - The Garden Team