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Welcome to the homepage for Pacifica's Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology program. Pacifica is currently accepting applications for fall 2014 enrollment in this program. Feel free to reach out to admissions counselor and request more information at the links located in the navigation bar to your right.

The Psy.D. program represents Pacifica's commitment to grounding the principles of depth psychology in clinical practice. It is designed to produce exquisitely trained clinical psychologists who are skilled in a broad range of clinical work, including psychotherapy, assessment, supervision, and consultation, informed and enriched by psychodynamic perspectives. Pacifica trains students to achieve the powerful combination which results from combining core clinical skill sets and knowledge with primary, personal experience of the unconscious factors which motivate behavior.

Clinical art The Psy.D. program includes four years of coursework designed to teach increasingly complex, sequential, competency-based and integrative content which makes up the building blocks of professional competence in clinical psychology. The first two years include emphasis on knowledge and practice skills in such core topics as psychopathology, diagnosis, psychological testing and assessment, ethics, and research, including depth psychology approaches in all these areas. The third and fourth years include increasing focus on advanced psychotherapy skills, with particular focus on Jungian, archetypal, psychoanalytic, and other psychodynamic perspectives. 

Psy.D. Clinical PsychologyPacifica's Psy.D. program offers a uniquely integrative and depthful education which carefully preserves the importance of the role of unconscious life in clinical practice, while ensuring a solid education in the universally recognized attitudes, competencies, skill sets, and knowledge bases critical to a successful career as a clinical psychologist.

"When I was a student and later a tenure-track faculty at a large state university, I thoughT that my inner life and my professional life had to be divided. When I found Pacifica and our program, I was delighted to work in a place where we can openly integrate depth psychological principles in all aspects of our lives and work. It is this integration that I believe inspires us to be a community of students, faculty, and staff that share a commitment to tending the Soul in and of the World."


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