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Below is a small collection of some interviews shot for the Depth Psychology Program. This is part of an effort by Pacifica Graduate Institute to showcase the many talented individuals involved in moving depth forward in todays world. Check back often as new Depth psychology program videos will be added frequently.

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 Joseph Coppin, Ph.D.
Faculty, M.A./Ph.D. Program in Depth Psychology

Dr. Coppin discusses the evolution of the Depth Psychology Program and the three new emphasis

Duration: 2 minutes, 30 seconds


Stephen Aizenstat, Ph.D.
Pacifica's Founding President; What is Depth Psychology?

 M.A./Ph.D. Depth Psychology
A six-minute overview of the  Depth Psychology program.
 Pacifica Student
M.A./Ph.D. Depth Psychology; Pacifica's Learning Format
Alan Kilpatrick, Ph.D.
Somatic Studies Associate Chair; Somatic Studies Specialization
 Pacifica Student
Somatic Studies Specialization; A story of Personal Transformation
 Pacifica Student
Somatic Studies Specialization; Using Somatic Studies with client
Mary Watkins, Ph.D.
CLE co-Associate Program Chair; Introduction: CLE Specialization
 Edward Casey, Ph.D.
Pacifica Faculty; The Ecopsychology component in CLE
 Nuria Ciofalo, Ph.D.
CLE co-Associate Program Chair; Community Psychology in CLE
Jennifer Selig, Ph.D.
Jungian and Archetypal Studies Associate Chair; An introduction
 Pacifica Student
 Depth psychology in the virtual world gaming, and technology
 Pacifica Alumnus
a program outside of the clinical paradigm/ licensure requirments
Elizabeth Nelson, Ph.D.
Pacifica Faculty; What can the body teach us about the psyche?
 Pacifica Student
A reflection on the first year in the Somatic Studies specialization
 Pacifica Student
Bringing together traditional psychology with movement