October 7–17, 2013

Zürich, Einsiedeln, Künsacht, Ascona, and Eranos
$3,975 per person
Limited to 30 Participants
32 Continuing Education Credits for MFTs, LCSWs, RNs

Tuesday, October 15

at Eranos and in the Swiss Countryside

A morning shuttle will take us to Eranos, where our program will include a morning presentation followed by a shuttle to Arcegno for an afternoon in nature, followed by dinner in a local Grotto.

Jung and Nature: The Nourishing Life of the Soul

with Willow Young

This presentation explores Jung’s experience of being Swiss, his lifelong engagement with the natural world, his study of the Natural Sciences, the emergence of late 19th century scientific thinking, and the dreams that decided his course of study in medicine, psychiatry, and the exploration of the unconscious. We will listen, as Jung did, with two ears—to the metaphorical image of Nature and to the actual physical world of the natural sciences and physics. Jung writes, “Without my piece of earth, my life’s work would not have come into being.” We will reflect on Jung’s antidote to the loss of contact with Nature—that is, to listen deeply to Nature, by paying close attention to our dreams and inner figures and cultivating the sensibilities of leisure by simply sitting and allowing “Nature to affect us.”

Willow Young, M.A., L.M.F.T., is a core faculty member and Chair of Pacifica’s Counseling Psychology Program. She is a Jungian analyst member of the C.G. Jung Study Center of Southern California. In her research of the archetype of the feminine, she explored the foundational value of nature to the individuation process. She is researching Jung’s volumes and seminars, including The Red Book.

In the Footsteps of Jung: Walking the Alpine Hills

with Willow Young and Roberto Buffi

With the morning’s musings in mind, we will trace Jung’s sojourns on an ancient path from Ascona to Arcegno and back, letting Nature and the Swiss countryside affect us. We will shuttle from Eranos to Arcegno, where we will have lunch and gather with Dr. Roberto Buffi, a forest engineer and founder of the Forest Education Centre in Arcegno. A moderate two-mile hike will take us to a meadow often visited by Carl and Emma Jung. There will be opportunities to relax, write, and sketch. On the return walk, we will enjoy traditional cuisine in a local Grotto.

Roberto Buffi, Ph.D., is a forest engineer with a Ph.D. in Natural Sciences. As Forest Inspector in Locarno, Switzerland, Dr. Buffi promoted the first forest reserves in the Canton of Ticino, and founded the Forest Education Center in Arcegno. He is a candidate in analytic training at the Research and Training Center for Depth Psychology in Zürich.