October 7–17, 2013

Zürich, Einsiedeln, Künsacht, Ascona, and Eranos
$3,975 per person
Limited to 30 Participants
32 Continuing Education Credits for MFTs, LCSWs, RNs

Monday, October 7

in Zürich

The Legacy Tour begins with a Welcome Brunch. Then, we’ll take a 10-minute walk to the Psychology Club, where Jung reformulated his theories of the psyche, collective unconscious, archetypes, individuation, and psychological types. In Jung’s day, those interested in analytical psychology would meet at the Club, which became a model for other clubs around the world. While there, we will be introduced to the club and hear a presentation by Emmanuel Kennedy-Xypolitas.

Creativity, Analytical Psychology, and the Work of C.G. Jung and Marie-Louise von Franz

with Emmanuel Kennedy-Xypolitas

Essentially, creativity—or “creativeness”—is an activity of the Self, our ego being simply the mediator. More precisely, creativity is an activity that is produced by the efficacy of the spirit of the unconscious psyche. The unconscious is thus seen as the creative factor and innovator. Man or human consciousness is the medium, as it were, that carries out the creative urge, and in so doing realizes the hidden inner meaning intended by the Self, the irrational Creative. “Spirit” is understood in the sense of C.G. Jung as an autonomous, active force of the unconscious that generates ideas and thoughts, inspires, invents, and arranges images. Jung writes, ”Man himself did not create the spirit, rather the spirit makes man creative, always spurring him on, giving him ideas...’enthusiasm’ and ‘inspiration.’”

Emmanuel Kennedy-Xypolitas is a Jungian analyst living in Switzerland. He is a member of the Executive Committee of the Psychological Club Zürich, the Foundation for Jungian Psychology, and the Swiss Foundation Museum for Analytical Psychology. He is the Literary Executor of Marie-Louise von Franz, Barbara Hannah, and Anne Maguire. His father knew and worked with Jung and von Franz, and was co-founder and president of the C.G. Jung Foundation in New York.